At times in our lives we all face difficult situations and it isn't always easy to cope. Counselling is a talking therapy that offers emotional and psychological support when you need it most. It gives you a confidential and safe space to talk through your problems where you will be met with compassion and without judgement.

People come to counselling for a variety of reasons. I can help with common mental health problems like anxiety, stress and depression, with trauma, bereavement and loss, addictions, relationship problems and many more. Counselling can be useful if you are feeling lost and need help in deciding how to make changes in your life or if you want to give yourself for personal and spiritual development.

I initially trained as a musician and also had a career as a chef, working in kitchens in Spain and England before retraining as a counsellor. I have a lifelong interest in the complexities of the human psyche but my previous career means that I keep my feet on the ground and work practically.

I am trained as an integrative counsellor using Gestalt, Jungian, person centred and CBT theories. This equips me to work with emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual symptoms. My approach is to look for the roots of problems but also to work in the present, finding practical solutions to what is troubling you.

I am a registered member of the BACP and Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professional , with diplomas in Therapeutic Counselling and Addiction Counselling